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Welcome to 3L3GANT,3L3GANT is a KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker theme.
You will need KLWP Pro installed prior to setup.You will also need Nova Launcher.
Setup #1:
Manual Setup Nova:
Create 2 blank home screens!
✦ Desktop:-Desktop Grid: 8 x 5
✦ Dock: Disable✦ Look & feel:-Show notification bar: Off
Setup KLWP:
1) Once you have Nova launcher setup and no shortcuts on either of the two screens, tap and hold on an empty space on the homescreen. Select Lives Wallpapers, and then select KLWP.
2) Set as wallpaper.
3) Go back to KLWP, select settings and select the top left menu icon.4) Load Presets5) Select 3L3GANT under the INSTALLED tab.6) Select the save floppy icon on the top bar and exit to the home screen.